“I have been visiting Catherina for a short while now and I love the approach she takes when dealing with your problems. She’s very non-judgemental and makes you feel at ease. In the short time I have been going, I’m already seeing the benefits.

My issues were lack of energy, weight management, lack of empathy and anxiety. Thankfully with her Kinesiology sessions, I have already noticed a big change in my energy levels, I’ m more focused and able to speak up when previously I wouldn’t have. Through these sessions I have also gained more confidence in myself so my anxiety is lower.

She also discovered that I had intestinal issues which were also causing health issues and by decreasing this, my body has seen the benefits like less eczema and clearer skin with less digestive problems.

I had never had Kinesiology before so didn’t know what to expect so was pleasantly surprised by how informative it was and “how the body never lies” as Catherina puts it herself.

I would recommend anyone who is experiencing problems to at least go and try it once, you too might be very surprised by the results.”

Brendan, Cork