“When my GP suggested that I consider counselling I was naturally apprehensive, and my initial thoughts were that I don’t require counselling. However, with the benefit of hindsight, receiving counselling and Integrated Healing has been one of the single best things I have done for myself. Upon first meeting Catherina and after seeing first hand Catherina’s passion for depression and anxiety, my doubts were somewhat eased. Catherina is extremely caring, compassionate and professional. She is genuine, sincere and gives 110%. Being able to discuss my issues with her has been a huge help to me, I cannot recommend highly enough whatever your issue may be.”

Mark, Cork

“An excellent safe space. Catherina has played an integral part in me overcoming some unexpected life curve balls that have been thrown my way.

Through both talk and Integrated healing I find myself in a happier, healthier position. And I’ll continue my visits to Catherina in the future.”

Nicole, Cork

“I have been visiting Catherina for a short while now and I love the approach she takes when dealing with your problems. She’s very non-judgemental and makes you feel at ease. In the short time I have been going, I’m already seeing the benefits.

My issues were lack of energy, weight management, lack of empathy and anxiety. Thankfully with her Kinesiology sessions, I have already noticed a big change in my energy levels, I’ m more focused and able to speak up when previously I wouldn’t have. Through these sessions I have also gained more confidence in myself so my anxiety is lower.

She also discovered that I had intestinal issues which were also causing health issues and by decreasing this, my body has seen the benefits like less eczema and clearer skin with less digestive problems.

I had never had Kinesiology before so didn’t know what to expect so was pleasantly surprised by how informative it was and “how the body never lies” as Catherina puts it herself.

I would recommend anyone who is experiencing problems to at least go and try it once, you too might be very surprised by the results.”

Brendan, Cork

“Kinesiology has helped me so much in the past year since Catherina was recommended to me by a family member. My energy levels have increased and I have become a more positive person, learning to be more patient and accepting of myself as well as dealing with grief and health issues. I am so glad I started going, it’s one of the best things i’ve ever done for myself.”

Angela, Waterford.

“I first went to see Catherina for a kinesiology treatment to help treat insomnia.  Having suffered from anxiety, stress and depression for a number of years I wasn’t in a great place.  I found Catherina’s approach to be very supportive and informative, which I found very useful in over coming these conditions.  Over the past ten years, at different times for various conditions, I have seen Catherina both for counselling and kinesiology, I always felt that I was in safe hands.  I am happy to say that today I no longer suffer from anxiety, insomnia or depression and I can honestly say that one of the biggest contributors to my healing was my treatments with Catherina.  Whether it is kinesiology or counselling Catherina’s wealth of knowledge and experience is guaranteed to put you on the right path to healing.  I could not thank or recommend Catherina enough for the years of support.  Investing in your mind and body is paramount in gaining balance and equilibrium in today’s hectic life styles.”

 Susan, Cork.

“I have been a client of Catherina’s for the last number of years. Not only is she friendly, knowledgeable and professional, but she is a lovely soul. I have found that Kinesiology was able to treat a number of issues I have been having from digestive to muscular to emotional. I could’nt recommend both Catherina and Kinesiology enough.”

Mary, Cork.

“I’ve been visiting Catherina for several years now and I have to say that it has helped to change my entire outlook on life, both physically and mentally.  I initially attended for relief for endometriosis which was successful but along the way I discovered a “new balanced me”.  I had always struggled with trying to maintain a positive outlook on life and anxiety, worry and general negativity had held me back but with Catherina’s help I have been able to work through that and I’m a much happier person. I couldn’t imagine my life now without visiting Catherina and I look forward to my appointments as I always feel energised and of course “balanced”. Kinesiology has given me the coping tools for dealing with the stresses of my life and others around me. I also recently suffered a very debilitating bout of cellulitis and Catherina has helped me to get my energy back up while also helping me to cope mentally with it. I have recommended Catherina to friends and family and I have to say that all have had amazingly positive experiences and I can see wonderful changes in their well-being and outlook on life.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Catherina to anyone”

Paula, Waterford

“I always look forward to my kinesiology sessions with Catherina as I know afterwards that I’ll be more focussed on my health and feeling a lot better within myself. Kinesiology has helped me in many ways both physically and mentally and would recommend it to anyone who feels that they need a little help in improving their wellbeing.”

Sharon, Cork.

“Through counselling I found lots of different ways to cope in situations and I can easily say the methods have helped me push forward with lots of things. The counseling was always positive and always added to my mechanisms with plenty of methods and angles to look at situations or ideals. It was always a calm environment that helped me overcome a lot in my eyes.” that “Through counselling I found lots of different ways to cope in situations and I can easily say the methods have helped me push forward with lots of things. The counseling was always positive and always added to my mechanisms with plenty of methods and angles to look at situations or ideals. It was always a calm environment that helped me overcome a lot in my eyes.”

Tony, Cork

“I have been attending Kinesiologist Catherina Cashman for some time now and can attest to her care and advice. Catherina is very pleasant and friendly. I would recommend Catherina without hesitation.”

Betty, Cork

I would recommend Catherina to anyone who want bring about positive change in their lives.

I am glad to say Catherina is very effective and has helped me more than I can express.  To my great relief she enabled me to release anxiety and fears that came from past traumas, this has given me a quality of life and peace of mind that I didn’t know was possible.

I am constantly impressed by Catherina’s ability to resolve an issue and give me such positive results.  After a treatment with Catherina I am back in balance and I am ready to deal with life’s challenges confidently.  My health and energy, on all levels, are greatly improved and thankfully I am sleeping like a baby.

I have recommended Catherina to others and thankfully they too have had great results.  I would recommend her to anyone who want bring about positive change in their lives.

Mairead, Cork.

“Catherina was recommended for counselling to me by a good friend, at the time I was really stressed out and I was at a crossroads in my life, I was really struggling. During my first visit I was taken by her down to earth approach and her ability to make me feel at ease. She is very genuine, authentic and was able to empathise, holding me in a non- judgmental space. This was exactly what I needed at this time. What I loved about my sessions with Catherina was that each week she gave me tools to work with and to practice, which gave me a sense of empowerment and feeling stronger sense of myself. I found Catherina highly intuitive and her support and encouragement gave me the strength to build myself back up to cope with life in a better way. I became aware that Catherina also used Kinesiology, I was half ways through menopause so needed some help. After taking her suggestions on board I really started to feel so much better both physically and emotionally, coping with more clarity. The holistic approach to wellness is powerful in my view and I am very grateful to have found Catherina, who always allows you time to process the work and doesn’t just keep you coming back week after week. I will continue my journey with her for both counselling and kinesiology throughout my life time in the knowing that I am constantly healing and improving.”

Claire, Cork.