Self confidence Counselling Service Cork

Raphael Counselling service in Midleton and Frankfield area, Cork is provided in a safe, supportive, confidential setting where the client can explore their issues without being judged.

We provides counselling service in Midleton and Frankfield area, Cork.

My main focus is to support and empower clients with the use of techniques that help client’s deals with issues such as:  Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Trauma, Relationship Issues, Anger management, Loss and grief etc.

My counselling approach uses a variety of approaches, Humanistic, Integrative, CBT and Solution Focused Therapies with all age groups.

Dependent on client’s requirements, I structure the sessions in accordance to client’s needs and what they want to achieve from counselling.

Specific modules with Techniques & tools that I can cover in counselling service:

  1. Self Esteem and Self Acceptance
  2. Thinking – Mind the Mind.
  3. Managing and Anxiety and Low Mood
  1. Stress Management and Emotional Resilience.
  2. Assertiveness and Effective Communication.
  3. Relationships and Healthy Boundaries.

The number of sessions required in counselling varies, it is dependent on the individual client and what they want to achieve from counselling.

The normal range can be from 6 -12 sessions, held on a weekly basis and each session last for 55 mins. The cost rate per each session is €55.00.

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