Kinesiology Therapy Cork

Kinesiology is a facilitator of the body’s own wish to be healed. It endeavors to identify imbalances in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies, as well as identifying other factors affecting our well-being.

Kinesiology is a gentle hand’s on therapy which uses feedback from muscle testing, to get a bigger picture of what is going on in a client’s energy system.

Catherina provides Kinesiology in Midleton and Frankfield area, Cork.

The holistic approach is to find and treat the root cause of the problem by bringing the body back into balance.

My kinesiology toolkit

  • Nutrition – Food Sensitivities and Vitamin/Mineral Support, Heavy Metal Test Kit, Hormone Test Kit, Parasite Test Kit, Bacteria and Virus Test Kit, Vaccination Test Kit, Radiation Test Kit
  • Physical – Touch For Health Balances and Reactive Muscles
  • Energetic – Reiki, quantum Touch etc.
  • Emotional – Stress Release

In Kinesiology the process is led by the client as it is their body and their muscle response which tells the practitioner what is the priority problem to be dealt with right now, and the best way to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Each person’s session is unique to them. The main focus is to work with people so that they can empower themselves in getting to optimum health and balance in their lives.

Correcting these imbalances with energy healing, gentle body-work techniques and occasionally life style change, enables the body’s self- healing abilities to be activated and balance to be restored.

A Kinesiology session will take 1.5 hours to complete and costs €80.00

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