“I first went to see Catherina for a kinesiology treatment to help treat insomnia.  Having suffered from anxiety, stress and depression for a number of years I wasn’t in a great place.  I found Catherina’s approach to be very supportive and informative, which I found very useful in over coming these conditions.  Over the past ten years, at different times for various conditions, I have seen Catherina both for counselling and kinesiology, I always felt that I was in safe hands.  I am happy to say that today I no longer suffer from anxiety, insomnia or depression and I can honestly say that one of the biggest contributors to my healing was my treatments with Catherina.  Whether it is kinesiology or counselling Catherina’s wealth of knowledge and experience is guaranteed to put you on the right path to healing.  I could not thank or recommend Catherina enough for the years of support.  Investing in your mind and body is paramount in gaining balance and equilibrium in today’s hectic life styles.”

 Susan, Cork.